Alternative Fuel and Vehicle Research Laboratory

New York State Office of General Services

Testing for nano-sized emission particles

Anticipating regulation of nano-sized emission particles emerging concurrent to the development of alternative fuels, New York's Department of Environmental Conservation determined the need for a facility to test such fuels in engines ranging from commuter vehicles to Manhattan's articulating transit buses.

At the same time, the state requested the use and display of sustainable systems in the facility's operation. This 75,000 sf lab features the following program elements:

  • Light-Duty and Medium-Duty Vehicle and Engine Emissions Testing
  • Heavy-duty Vehicle and Engine Emissions Testing
  • PEMS: Portable Emissions Measurement Systems
  • OBD: On-board Diagnostics
  • CFR Soak Space
  • Hydrogen Storage and Distribution
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Offices
  • Shared Facilities and Visitor Center
  • Central Utility Plant
  • Indoor Fuel Dispensing/Outdoor Tank Farm
  • Vehicle wash Station
  • Cooling Towers
  • Emergency Generator
  • Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tank
  • Secure Vehicle Staging
  • Hazardous Material and Fuel Storage
75,000 sf
Malta, NY
Flad Architects
E-prime project delivery (all design team contracts held by AEI)
LEED® status:
Registered for LEED