Markets Overview

We built our practice with equal commitments to technical expertise and market knowledge. In so doing, AEI developed a reputation for excellence in healthcare, medical research, pharma/biotech, research and development, higher education, energy and sustainability, industrial test facilities, utilities infrastructure, process industries and manufacturing, mission critical, arts and cultural facilities, and commercial buildings.

Each market specialty has flourished within AEI's culture of interdisciplinary discourse and critical idea exchange. Solutions in one market are informed by expertise in many markets, just as a project in any given location benefits from experience in that market around the world.

We provide innovative solutions for complex and large scale projects worldwide, supporting the excellence of a diverse clientele. Yet for all our growth and diversification, our focus remains unchanged: outcomes that facilitate productivity, efficiency, and versatility, and that ensure safety, comfort, and sustainability. Throughout all of our markets of specialization, we are uniformly dedicated to our vision of confronting challenges facing society with insight and innovation.