AEI designs facilities built for high performance well into the future with engineered electrical systems that provide efficient, reliable, and high-quality power distribution.

Fault and selective coordination studies form the basis for conceiving power distribution network arrangements that deliver power to sophisticated systems and vital equipment in complex, integrated facilities. Critical healthcare delivery, constant research conditions, validated facilities, industrial test cells, and the complex requirements of museums and performing arts facilities all demand consistent power, with sources of power quality disturbances identified and mitigated. With the aid of such system modeling tools as SKM Power*Tools, we analyze a variety of solutions and implement strategies that isolate power line disturbance sources and filter power lines effectively to maintain the premium integrity of the delivery system. Emergency/standby power systems sustain critical function during utility interruptions, optimizing generator plant capacity with programmable logic controllers managing process and environmental system loads to prevent system overload while maintaining a load factor.

AEI specializes in the design of low voltage controls to manage fire alarm, security, IT and building management systems, also applied to energy efficient utility delivery systems. With these state-of-the-art control systems, daylight harvesting is able to yield tremendous energy savings, reducing lighting loads and summer cooling loads.

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