Energy & Utilities

AEI plans, designs, and implements energy and utility system solutions that balance optimum reliability, environmental considerations, and efficiency at today's demand levels with the flexibility to meet growing load requirements and accommodate future fuel sources. AEI works ahead of the nationwide need for highly efficient central plant systems, integrated energy plans, and alternative energy generation, distribution and supply options, with leadership in combined heat and power systems and district energy planning.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Energy and Utility Systems Master Planning, realizing cost and energy savings, and guiding fiscal planning.
  • Alternative Energy Analysis and Fuel Source Analysis
  • Water Conservation, Reuse Analysis, and Implementation
  • Combined Heat and Power Plants
  • Central Heating and Power Plants with gaseous, liquid, and solid fuels for low and high pressure steam applications.
  • District Hot Water Heating and Power Plants with traditional and alternative energy sources.
  • Chilled Water Systems, including absorption, centrifugal, and heat recovery chillers, prime movers, and cold thermal energy storage systems.
  • Load projection and equipment planning, hydraulic analysis, and cooling tower analysis for "free cooling."
  • Distribution Piping, whether buried, trenched, tunneled, or above ground, planned to minimize surface interruptions, adequately sized to accommodate growth at a practical immediate cost.
  • Electrical Power Distribution, from medium voltage networks (69kV) to individual building distribution (460V), including substation, distribution through feeders and switchgear, transformation, and secondary distribution. Also design for standby electrical generation, island power systems, and peak shaving.
  • Plant start-up and tuning, including adjustments for optimum performance and retro-commissioning.
  • Systems commissioning, utilizing detailed functional performance testing protocols, system redundancy testing, and rigorous training programs.

Additional areas of expertise include Thermal Storage, Telecommunications and Data, Network Modeling of Steam and Hydronic Systems, 8760 hour system performance modeling, Compressed Gases and Medical Gases, Building Management/Control Systems, Plant Operations (licensed plant operators on staff), and Fire Protection.

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