Fire Protection

Fundamental to every building project are fire protection measures that will provide the opportunity to reduce fire damage with automatic and manual fire extinguishing systems. By designing these systems in direct relation to the occupancy and building type, AEI offers a comprehensive fire protection design.

Automatic sprinkler systems and standpipe systems are designed in response to the occupancy, defining the hazard classification and determining densities recommended by NFPA and insurance carriers. Design also accounts for freeze protection with dry pipe systems, and water sensitive areas by using preaction systems. Additionally, hazardous material locations are analyzed to determine the appropriateness of foam or deluge systems.

Gaseous extinguishing systems, including halocarbon and inert clean agent systems, may be appropriate for facilities with a high sensitivity to water and heat. In the event heat is a concern prior to reaching a fire within the space, air-aspirating incipient detection for release of the active fire extinguishing system may be used. Heat and smoke detection within the space may be more appropriate for areas that do not have the same sensitivity to heat.

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