AEI designs mechanical systems that provide controlled environments for a wide variety of specific demands, ranging from the comfort of a building's daily users, to the precise needs of an immunosuppressed patient, or of a researcher working with hazardous materials, or of a priceless historical artifact or work of art.

Our expertise optimizes energy efficiency while minimizing impact on the natural environment, from steam, chilled water, and co-generation systems (at the central utility or individual building scale), extending through greenfield or congested urban distribution (via direct-buried or tunnel and box conduit applications), and continuing to the systems and equipment that create the exact intended temperature, humidity, ventilation, and particulate levels required by the spaces.

We draw on over eight decades of professional experience designing systems, untold hours observing system installation, exhaustive system performance operational feedback, and rigorous critical assessment of emerging technologies to apply the most effective mechanical solutions to the project design.

AEI staff uses a variety of software tools to further inform, validate, and optimize the mechanical system designs. In addition to company-developed software and manufacturers' equipment selection software, AEI also utilizes: eQuest, building energy analysis tool; Algor PipePak, pipe stress analysis tool; AFT Arrow, compressible flow modeling; AFT Fathom, non-compressible flow modeling; and, Ansys Airpak, computational fluid dynamic analysis.

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