Mission Critical

Data centers are complex and, regardless of size, demand great engineering. AEI's mission critical team supports 7x24 clients with facility assessment, design, and integrated testing - as well as construction administration and post-occupancy monitoring and testing - to provide turnkey consulting solutions for flexible data centers that meet today's needs and can evolve to meet tomorrow's.

Our goal is to deliver effective, straightforward facilities that focus on performance, efficiency, and sustainability. Our mission critical team includes mechanical, electrical, piping, fire protection, technology, and field services engineers, to support our clients.

Facility Assessment Consulting Services:

  • Power quality metering, verification, and trending.
  • Cooling systems performance and air flow management.
  • Thermal imaging for electrical equipment, cooling system performance, and building envelope integrity.
  • Verification of the infrastructure's current and future capacity to accommodate data center technology equipment - forecasting and future-proofing.
  • Energy efficiency/sustainable construction and LEED consulting.

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CFD Modeling Services:

  • New and existing facility modeling to provide analytical testing of conceptual ideas and optimization of designs.
  • Field services to gather facility data including airflow rates, temperatures, and equipment performance.
  • Airflow optimization and containment studies with energy and cost analysis.
  • Best in Class modeling for custom geometries and control configurations with practical optimization.

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  • Focused and agile teams, adept at capitalizing on TCO and ROI opportunities leveraged against desired system reliability and availability and engaged for fast-paced turnaround.
  • Commitment to strategic partnership, candidly assessing complexity, redundancy, size, and cost. Site-specific designs that are results driven, conceived through blank canvas innovation and owner requirements.
  • Analytics and design supported by BIM, power systems modeling, CFD modeling, and energy modeling.

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Integrated Systems Testing:

  • Holistic approach of testing of individual components, components within a system, and systems integrated within the facility.
  • Failure mode analysis (FMA) planning and execution for verification of design intent, reliability, availability, and maintainability.
  • Start-up testing, warranty review, periodic performance verification, and troubleshooting.
  • Team-collaborative and schedule-integrated third-party commissioning or self-perform system testing based on owner requirements - LEED M&V services.

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