Opportunities for sustainable design innovation have never been more promising-or more demanding. We built our global technical engineering practice over 80 years working in fields that demand the highest standard of verifiable performance. We apply those same standards of verification to sustainable ideas and technologies. And the need for process innovation is just as crucial as the need for innovative products.

Technical analysis before design begins informs the process with a creative understanding of the synergies possible in building systems, maximizing the inventory of sustainable opportunities. From an integrative perspective, we formulate qualitative questions to ascertain the most effective combinations of design measures, from which the client can choose those meriting more detailed quantitative analysis. Critically assessing the interplay of massing, form, orientation, fenestration, envelope, MEP systems, and infrastructure, yields holistic solutions that respond to the unique qualities of program, bio-climate, and strategic objectives. In other words, Big Ideas aren't found on a menu and ordered a'la carte. Rather, they emerge organically in response to a particular client, environment, and set of building requirements.

Collaborate, conceive, assess, refine, integrate, implement, evaluate. Our approach is detailed analysis throughout, so when we bring you The Big Idea you can count on Real Performance.

  • Sustainable Master Planning
  • Climate Action Plans
  • Energy Reduction Analysis
  • Performance Modeling
  • Cogeneration
  • Chilled Beam
  • Heat Recovery Concepts
  • Ground Source Energy
  • Natural Ventilation Concepts
  • Displacement Ventilation Concepts
  • Detailed Systems Analysis
  • Commissioning
  • Siting/Massing/Orientation Studies
  • Daylight-Based Lighting Design
  • Thermal Comfort Analysis
  • Ventilation/Indoor Air Quality

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