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Helix Corporate headquarters
Amgen, Inc.

Team reconfigures to fast-track flexible biotech campus. 

Delivering this complex, flexible, and expandable 800,000 sf state-of-the-future biotech research campus

on a three-year schedule inspired dynamic team structuring and a prominent predesign role. Working from the outset of master planning and programming, AEI developed system concepts supporting interconnected research and development functions, as well as phased development of primary utility distribution, incrementally expandable central utilities, highly flexible lab utility distribution, and low energy lighting concepts. Retaining a consistency and continuity oversight group, AEI reconfigured into five individual building teams to provide phased deliverables for procurement of equipment and early bidding for

critical subcontractors, and quality construction documents. Robust, flexible, high-capacity data systems support Amgen's technology-based vision of the future in biotech research. The Helix campus is readily expandable to over 2 million sf.


From the client:

“AEI provided the design planning and leadership to develop an IT design that provided necessary campus services and maintained project budget requirements. AEI’s staff was knowledgeable and worked with both the technical and the project management staff to ensure that the system designs satisfied technical and business needs.


AEI contributed to the success of the Helix project by creating design options that incorporated all key requirements, working with Amgen’s design teams to ensure the designs would be maintainable after installation, accommodating current IT standards and practices without compromising the intent or creativity of the new designs, and evolving the designs as project requirements changed while maintaining the design intent and budget.”

Andrew Clapham
(former) Project Manager
Amgen, Inc.



Mechanical, Electrical, Piping/Plumbing, Technology, Energy and Utilities, Master Planning,
Mission Critical, Cost Estimating, Commissioning



800,000 sf



Seattle, WA



Flad Architects



2005 BEST AWARD (Best Business for an Environmentally Sustainable Tomorrow)
Great Seattle Chamber of Commerce